DABCAST - complete DAB+ solution

At DABCAST, we've developed the world's first solution that allows broadcasters to comprehensively create and manage DAB + services, offered in the original Radio-as-a-Service model. The use of the latest technologies in the field of electronics design and data processing in the cloud has allowed to achieve many features desired by clients, such as simplicity of operation, speed of implementation, security or low price compared to alternative solutions.

DABCAST DTX - original transmitter (TX)

The DABCAST transmitter is a fully proprietary hardware and software solution. It is a physical device mounted on broadcasting stations, which allows receiving the stream from the cloud "from MUX" and converting (modulating) this stream into an RF signal (radio frequency - electromagnetic wave for information transfer), which is finally delivered to the broadcasting antennas and emitted into the ether .

DAB+ Transmitter

DABCAST DTX transmitter
  • is modern - prepared based on SDR (program-defined radio)
  • it is characterized by a modular structure (separated function blocks), and "resistance" to updates and even changes in radio signal transmission technology, thanks to the use of FPGA programmable systems (work optimization, ease of implementation, lower energy consumption, etc.)
  • integrates DAB + and FM systems
  • the DTX050 version is compact and easy to install - 19 ”Rack 1U housing
  • advanced software development on many levels (FPGA, drivers, interface)

Transmitter components

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The most important parameters of DABCAST DTX
  • DAB+ i FM integration of DAB + and FM modulators in one unit
  • SFN mode - the ability to work in SFN thanks to the integrated GPS module
  • 60W RMS - power amplifier integrated in the internal DAB + track
  • 3 x MUX - support for broadcasting up to 3 muxes simultaneously
  • OLED i GUI - settings management by OLED display and multifunction knob or from an intuitive, modern webGUI - with RWD support (responsive layout)
The most important parameters of DABCAST DTX
  • 1U - compact design in 1U 19" housing
  • Cooling system - quiet and effective, dynamically controlled; no accumulation of dust due to the separation of the cooling path into two separated chambers
  • Emergency power supply - the battery can be connected as a 24V backup power supply
  • I/O - a set of programmable Inputs/outputs to work with other devices
  • Standard - a set of standard inputs/outputs: 10MHz, USB, Ethernet and collective alarm output.
The most important parameters of DABCAST DTX
  • DTX050 - completely tested for mechanical and functional use
  • Compliance with EMC and radio standards, incl. EN 302 077-2 and EN 301 489-1
  • Tests carried out by IASE (Institute of Power Systems Automation) - an accredited testing and calibration laboratory
  • Additional tests regarding harmonics, voltage fluctuations (EN61000-3-2) and flicker (EN61000-3-3) conducted by the Wrocław University of Technology (EMC laboratory)
  • All tests and examinations carried out at PW and IASE confirmed the highest class of transmitter and device reliability

Advanced R&D projects

Modern hardware and software solutions by DABCAST

The DTX transmitter confirms DABCAST's multidimensional engineering competences. Our experience in research and development in technological projects will help spread the wings of your business. We go beyond the horizons, but we also conquer them. The DABCAST platform, of which the DTX transmitter is an integral part, received funding under the prestigious Horyzont2020 program. If you would like us to help transform your idea into a finished product, let us know.

Would you like to test TX?

If you are a Radio Broadcaster or Operator and would like to take advantage of the free 30-day (or longer, based on additional arrangements) testing of the DABCAST transmitter, please let us know. We will gladly help you with configuration and commissioning of your digital radio service!