We are a technological powerhouse

DABCAST is a technological powerhouse with extensive competence in the field of digital technologies and implementation of modern projects, including the areas of media, cloud computing, IoT and artificial intelligence.

We design systems
Our engineers are specialists in creating original hardware projects

We integrate applications in the cloud
Many solutions gathered in one place allow you to work faster and more efficiently
We develop software
Sophisticated well-designed software is the key to a successful product

We prepare tailor-made solutions
Each product creation process begins with understanding the customer's needs

If something is to be done right, you have to do it yourself.

Innovative solutions require an innovative approach to hardware. That is why at DABCAST we design devices for our clients ourselves. The projects we created have already confirmed their operation, i.e. during implementations in Germany and Norway.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower" - Steve Jobs

Good. Better. Virtual cloud.

Thanks to cooperation with the largest giants of cloud computing (Microsoft, IBM, OVH) we have the opportunity to integrate our current and future solutions in a simple and convenient way. Using the latest achievements in this field allows us to always meet the needs of your business.

Everything necessary in one place – it is the future we are building.

At DABCAST, we know that technologically whoever stands in place, actually goes backwards.

DABCAST is a place where talented developers are constantly working on our own services to develop them using the latest, innovative technologies. This is confirmed in example by the original Radio-as-a-Service model, we created for radio delivery services.

When we take a step, we think about five next.

You think about it. We do it.

At DABCAST, we believe that there are no two identical companies, making the needs of each client different. The result is a solution 100% tailored to the customer's needs and expectations.

Come to us with a problem. Exit the solution.