Unique light and sound performances


Our interest in modern technologies have pushed us to develop proprietary solutions in the area of ​​not only sound but also image. This is how the multimedia shows created by us were born, for which we use up to 150 RGB LED modules. All elements of the arranged performance are synchronized wirelessly or by using the DMX protocol. To ensure maximum experience, the right music is selected for each show.

Each show organized by us has its own unique character. At the client's request, it may have a leitmotif, historical reference or a given artistic theme. We organize performances both on the largest skyscrapers in Poland as well as chamber productions inside the building. It's all with original music, specially prepared for each show and perfectly synchronized with it light signal.

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Laser image precision

DABCAST offers unusual laser shows for the most demanding customers. By using the leading Pangolin Beyond software, a given visualization can use up to five RGB laser projectors simultaneously. The foundation for the presentation does not have to be just the wall of the building - thanks to the support of 30 smoke generators, we can create an image just before the spectators.

Interactive benches

In the DABCAST R&D department, we are constantly wondering how we can make public space even more friendly for people using it. That is why we have added our proprietary design of an intelligent, interactive bench to the light and sound shows and IIoT solutions. Its possibilities are tailored to the client's needs and range from: making the day pass by with pleasant music, educating children, and reminders of important historical events.