A world full of information

We are living faster and faster. We use more and more data to make the right decisions in both business and private life. Thanks to DABCAST urban spaces and modern enterprises will always keep up with the digital needs of residents and customers.

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Gateway (transceiver station)

Information from the sensors communicates with dedicated gates. In the product portfolio we have two types of proprietary gates: for internal (building) and external applications.

Proprietary projects

At DABCAST, all elements of the infrastructure proposed to clients are designed and created by ourselves. Nobody will offer what we support in this field with full responsibility. We have global aspirations!

LPWAN Solutions (LoRA)

LPWAN technology has allowed us to create a complete IoT platform that is not only effective and efficient, but also inexpensive and simple to implement.

Measuring sensors

Our proprietary sensors can provide any type of information - from the thickness of the snow cover on the glacier to air pollution or the location of the object in space. It all depends on your needs.


At DABCAST, we know that when making any decisions in the modern world, information acquisition and processing play a key role.

Not only information has to be reliable and precise, but should also be delivered quickly to maximize its potential.

That is why the complete IoT platform designed and created by us supports not only business, but also public and research and scientific institutions.

We have prepared both our own gateways (transceivers) as well as an application for intelligent management of collected data as well as our own sensors.

More information will soon be available at www.industrialiot.pl

DABCAST sensors

They provide weather information from anywhere on earth, from Düsseldorf to snowy Spitsbergen;

They show their current location in the GPS system, thanks to which it is possible to create interactive maps;

They allow you to track traffic in real time - thanks to that you won't miss any detail;

They monitor the operation of other devices - you will not be surprised by any failure;

They work in parking lots, where they provide information on how many places are occupied;

They can measure the filling of elements, tanks and even the level of fluids in waters.

IIoT is the foundation of modern business

Business development is necessary to constantly maintain a competitive advantage over others. That is why business needs SMART solutions the most, which allow it to work better, faster, more confidently and finally cheaper. Modern business focuses on Industrial Internet of Things therefore!

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!” — Brendan O’Brien