Technology powerhouse

DABCAST is a technology and software development house, creating solutions for digital, multimedia and broadcast industries.

Cloud DAB+

DABCAST is economical cloud-supported solution for digital radio broadcasting in DAB+ offered in unique Radio-as-a-Service model.

Industrial IoT

DABCAST competences and skills are used for designing and developing new technological solutions and products in response to the digital challenges.

We present you DABCAST

DABCAST, lead by BCAST Ltd. company, is a technology and software development house, creating solutions mainly for the broadcast and telco industries. We are a provider and integrator of advanced broadcast solutions and services, specializing in digital multimedia. As a team of talented people, we not only design systems, develop software, integrate applications in the cloud and develop custom-made digital solutions, but also help in their commercial implementation.

We try to disrupt the industries by making advanced solutions.

DABCAST platform

DABCAST is a platform which makes it possible to implement a digital radio(pol. radio cyfrowe) in the DAB+ standard in a simple, fast and cheap manner supporting the entire range of functionalities: from the studio to broadcasting the signal in the air, especially dedicated for the small and medium broadcasters (SMBs).

Virtual Studio
Virtual Studio is a web app where journalists or DJs create and manage multimedia content related to the radio audition like music, ads, slides, text, etc.
Digital Studio
MUX is purely the cloud application, where the digital radio content is processed: shaped and formed into the right format according to DAB+ standard for the further transmission.
Radio Cyfrowe
TX is a physical device, which receives the cloud signal and modulates it for the final broadcast via antennas to listeners.


Industrial Internet of Things

DABCAST confirms our competences, but this is not all. We are working on Industrial Internet of Things solutions based on the LoRa standard. They make it possible to collect and exchange data between objects as well as ensure long-distance communication with minimum energy consumption. We have designed, developed and introduced specific products related to the IIoT - our own gateways and sensors (i.e.: GPS, air conditions, noise level). Please check for more details.

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Laser projections

Another DABCAST’s specialty is the light show. We are combining outstanding laser projections with remotely controlled RGB, building windows illumination to deliver amazing sound and light event. We own several laser projectors, few hundreds custom made LED modules, fog machines and the team of specialists in the light show management.

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We call DABCAST a technological powerhouse. The range of our technological capabilities is wide and includes:

  • intelligent industrial systems,
  • the media digitalization,
  • devices and apps designing and integrating in the cloud,
  • solutions for administrators and supporting their close cooperation with programmers.

We take care about every detail. We create prototypes of digital systems and program in various languages to ensure the best possible data exchange. Our experience will help your business, as we are always focused on the commercial aspect of your product or solution development.

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DABCAST project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 778144. More details


We are supported and supplied by global technology leaders.

We also cooperate with polish and international clients, institutions, organizations and partners.